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After Sulking For “A Million Dog Moments,” She’s Told Daddy’s Coming Home

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When one loyal dog had to say goodbye to her dad, her heart broke into a thousand pieces. Her dad left for 32 days to serve his country. It may have only been 32 days, but to her, as the video puts it, it was “a million dog moments.”

The pup waited every day, sulking for her dad to return, and when that day finally came, her reaction was incredible! Mom opened the door as soon as Dad pulled into the driveway. The precious pup sprinted toward him as soon as he exited his truck.

Her antics, nearly knocking the guy over with love, are too precious to miss! The dog goes bananas! Jumping on top of him and wiggling around. Amazingly, her dad had the same reaction she did. His hugs and pets prove they have a deep and pure connection. It’s a beautiful sight to see! Thank you, sir, for serving our country. >>… RELATED POST: Family Abandons Their Dog During A Flood, Don’t Even Bother Coming Back For Him

To watch the soldier reunite with his favorite pup, click play on the video below!

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