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Family Abandons Their Dog During A Flood, Don’t Even Bother Coming Back For Him

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For a Labrador Retriever named Lucky, the tormenting floods in Conway, South Carolina, turned out to be a horrible ordeal.

As the water seeped into people’s homes, Lucky’s family made a quick evacuation, but they didn’t bother to rescue him even when they had the time.

The betrayed pup sobbed helplessly as he was stranded alone in the flooded home for days, with no getaway whatsoever.

Source: The Myrtle Beach Sun News – Archive/YouTube

When the rains had settled down one morning, local man Alex Scroggins visited the area with his friends to salvage what he could from his destroyed home.

Lucky spotted Alex from afar and began whining and barking from his inundated porch. Alex initially thought the owner was around.

But after consulting with some neighbors, he realized no one was coming for the dog.

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Source: The Myrtle Beach Sun News – Archive/YouTube

Alex knew Lucky would be washed away if he was left behind, so he began approaching the sulking, starving dog.

The poor thing was relieved to have Alex’s attention as he literally begged to be rescued.

Alex comforted Lucky and immediately scooped him up and secured him in a crate. He then used a couch he had retrieved to haul the nervous dog out of his predicament!

Source: The Myrtle Beach Sun News – Archive/YouTube

Lucky was first taken to different animal shelters, but they were all already stressed due to the flood situation. Eventually, Alex decided to keep Lucky with himself!

Lucky has since been a very loyal and appreciative boy who refuses to leave his savior’s side even for a second!

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Natural disasters are never pretty, but Alex and Lucky sure made something sweet out of it!

Click the video below to watch how Alex and his friends found Lucky and rescued him from “troubled waters”.

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