Lost Dog Rescued by Walkers in Snowy Mountains After 2 Weeks Missing

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In a heartwarming tale that defied the odds, a Golden Retriever named Naoise (pronounced Neesha) was found and rescued by two walkers in Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains after being missing for two agonizing weeks. The story of Naoise’s survival and subsequent reunion with her family brings warmth to our hearts, even on the coldest of February days.

Ciara Nolan and Jean-Francois Bonnet, the heroic duo behind the rescue, stumbled upon Naoise during a treacherous walk in the snow-covered mountains. Jean-Francois described the conditions as bitterly cold, snowy, and windy, with poor visibility. As they reached near the summit, Ciara suddenly exclaimed, “There is a dog, there is a dog!” They discovered Naoise curled up against a rock, petrified and on the verge of freezing.

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Moved by compassion, Ciara and Jean-Francois immediately wrapped the shivering dog in warm clothing and embarked on the arduous journey back to safety. Despite Naoise’s weakened state, they attempted to encourage her to walk, but she lacked the strength to stand. Using a scarf, they securely fastened Naoise to a backpack, which enabled them to carry her for four to five hours until they reached the road.

When Ciara contacted Naoise’s owners, Erina O’Shea Goetelen and her family, with the incredible news, they were overwhelmed with joy and disbelief. The family had lost two dogs in the Wicklow Mountains while off-leash, as the dogs bolted upon sighting a deer. While one dog had been found after a few days, they had all but given up hope of ever finding Naoise again.

The remarkable rescue efforts of Ciara, a former student of Mount Anville Secondary School in Dublin, were recognized and celebrated by the school on social media.

Upon Naoise’s return, it was apparent that the eight-year-old Labrador had endured a harrowing ordeal. She had lost a significant amount of weight, and her time in the mountains had caused dermatitis. However, with the love and care provided by her family, Naoise has been steadily recovering. Ms. O’Shea Goetelen shared that Naoise is “doing well” and happily wagging her tail at home. Although she is not yet ready to embark on more walks, her resilience shines through as she basks in the comfort of her loving environment.

The story of Naoise’s rescue serves as a reminder of the unwavering bond between humans and animals, showcasing the remarkable efforts individuals are willing to undertake to bring a lost pet back home. Let us celebrate this tale of compassion, resilience, and reunion, inspiring hope and reminding us of the enduring power of love.

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