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Homeless Dog With Special Needs Wobbles Her Way Into Man’s Heart

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Matilda, a beautiful Pit Bull puppy, has cerebellar hypoplasia. According to the NIH, “Cerebellar hypoplasia is a neurological condition in which the cerebellum—the part of the brain that coordinates movement—is smaller than usual or not completely developed.” The condition causes Matilda to wobble while she’s walking.

Lee from The Asher House met the tenacious pup in the shelter. He is completely confident that Matilda will thrive, no matter her obstacles. Lee happily brings Matilda back home. Once she arrives at The Asher House, she’s all about the cuddles! The pair embrace one another as if they’re the only two beings left on earth. Next, it’s time for a good ol’ fashion play session with some pawsome toys! Matilda’s wobble makes her tumble about as she frolics, and it’s just about the cutest thing ever!

When it’s time for Lee to introduce Matilda to the pack, the Pittie can’t contain herself! She’s so happy to have a giant group of puppy support (who, of course, LOVE to play!) She plays with her new siblings, celebrating her life free from the confines of the animal shelter.

Thank you, Lee, for adding Matilda to The Asher House pack. We couldn’t be happier seeing the deserving pup living her best life! Click play on the video below to see the full story. And get ready to fall in love with Matilda!

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