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Pup Thrown Out Because He’s ‘Different’ Wanted Someone To Love Him The Way He Is

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A lovable puppy was discovered abandoned and shivering in a wet blanket near a park. Fortunately, he was rescued and taken to the Sacramento SPCA. Unfortunately, he had been rejected by his previous owner because he looked “different.” Upon examination, it was discovered that he had a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia.

Image)/Story Video Source Credit: Sacramento SPCA via Facebook Video

Despite the diagnosis, Petey’s rescuers refused to give up on him. They provided him with physical therapy and showered him with love, and he gradually started to make progress. Today, he can eat on his own and play like any other puppy.

Image/Story Video Source Credit: Sacramento SPCA via Facebook Video

Petey’s new family was overjoyed to take him home and give him the life he deserves. Despite his challenges, they embrace him just the way he is. It’s hard to believe that someone could reject such a sweet and loving pup, but Petey’s journey proves that one man’s “trash” can indeed be another man’s treasure.

If you want to see Petey’s amazing transformation, watch the video below. And if you know someone who needs a little inspiration today, don’t hesitate to share Petey’s story with them. >>… RELATED POST: Dog Survives Being Thrown Off New York Bridge Thanks To Many Heroes

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