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Happy Bernedoodle Hugs Her Boy Every Time He Hops Off School Bus

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Maggie, the adorable Bernedoodle, is a loving family pet who adores her human brothers. She’s particularly fond of the brother who attends school, and she eagerly awaits his return home each day. As soon as Maggie hears the school bus approach, she knows it’s time for her brother to come home, and she heads to the yard to greet him with a big hug.

This touching daily routine has become a viral sensation, capturing the hearts of over ten million dog lovers worldwide. Maggie’s mom captures their hugging moments on camera and shares them on social media, where they have become a hit.

Maggie’s brother hops off the bus, and Maggie rushes to him, wagging her tail with excitement. She jumps up and hugs him tight, happy to have him back home after a long day of learning. The ritual began on its own, with Maggie walking her brother to meet the bus and waiting for him to arrive back home.

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According to Maggie’s mom, the family has a special connection with their furry friend since they brought her home at just eight weeks old. Maggie’s brother is her best friend, and they share a unique bond that’s evident in their daily hugs.

Maggie’s mom explains that the Bernedoodle’s daily routine has taught her boys the value of love and responsibility. Maggie’s unconditional love and faithfulness have left an indelible mark on their hearts.

For more heartwarming moments with Maggie, follow her on Instagram or TikTok. You won’t want to miss the daily hugs that showcase the love between this adorable dog and her boy. >>… RELATED POST: Death Row Dog Hugs His Rescuer On His Way To Freedom

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