Anyone who has ever had a dog is aware of the various ways in which they can interact with a person in various contexts.

Whether they are hungry, furious, joyful, or hurt, their behavior and vocalizations change accordingly.

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That’s why when a team of employees in the Polish town of Suwalki heard a dog barking nonstop in a lonely, wooded region, they decided they needed to look into it. We’re very happy they chose to investigate the sound and see what it was.

What they discovered would have been sufficient to silence me. A dog in desperate need of rescue was there, stuck in a tar puddle and unable to escape.

Joanna Godlewska, of the Niczyje Animal Foundation, was approached by the workers. She entered the scene directly, unsure of what to anticipate and anxious as a result.

When I finally arrived and saw a dog lying in the tar, tears came to my eyes,” Godlewska told The Dodo.

The dog may have laid down in the tar in search of warmth without realizing that it would later serve as a trap.

Who knows how long the dog had been stuck, but one thing is for sure: he couldn’t have survived on his own. When he was found, his spirit was swiftly dwindling, and if not for the employees, he undoubtedly would have passed away.

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Following the removal of some of the dog’s fur with scissors and the use of cooking oil to loosen the remaining fur, Godlewska and a group of firefighters were able to peel the dog free from the tar. She thinks his satisfaction was plain to see.

The dog was then hurriedly treated for weariness at a veterinary clinic.

He was examined after spending a messy few hours having the last of the tar scraped off of his body. Thankfully, it turned out he was in good general health.

He keeps getting better,” stated Godlewska.

The dog, Farcik, still has to recuperate, but he is now surrounded by caregivers who will do all in their power to place him in a loving, secure home.

Thank you so much to everyone who came together to save Farcik, in fact!

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