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Little Dog Has Stolen The Hearts Of People Across The World By Quietly Watching The Rain

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Dogs are constantly teaching us to slow down and embrace every moment. While most of us are too busy to stop and smell the flowers or watch the rain, dogs make sure that these moments do not pass them by. We all need to be more like dogs.

A little brown and white dog was captured on video by his owner resting quietly on the ground and watching the rain. To add to the cuteness, the small pup had his back legs crossed in the ultimate relaxation move.


Most people do not enjoy when it rains and rarely take the time to sit and watch it. However, this little dog has made the world pause and marvel at his tranquility. His owner said that he does this every time it rains.


People from around the world have commented on the viral video. One person wrote, ” It’s the simple things in life, such a cute little dog, love the way his little legs are crossed?”. Another said, “This little dog has got it so right. Enjoy the simple things in life the things most of us let pass by. Like everyone else I love the crossed legs so relaxed.”


Even if we all cannot pause every time it rains, it is a lesson for everyone to take a break from our busy schedules and enjoy the beauty around us. So after watching the adorable video below, put your phone down and go outside.

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