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He Lived Tied To A Cinder Block His Whole Life Before Finding True Love

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Ziggy the Maltipoo has been tethered to a cinder block outside his entire life, wanting for so much more. He yearned for attention and company terribly.

Every day for a year, PETA fieldworkers gave him food and water, and they repeatedly requested his owner to turn him over.

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Finally, Ziggy’s owner made the decision to turn over the pet. When the Maltipoo was brought to PETA, the staff members liked him right away!

He had such a long life to live after such a careless start. It was all about to happen, and the Norfolk SPCA’s assistance was greatly appreciated. 🙂

Ziggy discovered a family that would be his for all time, and he felt completely at home! He immediately felt at home with Cheddar the cat, and he is rewarded every day with a walk to visit Sonic, his new neighbor and pal.

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