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Man Takes In A Stray Dog With Very Little Fur And A Big Belly

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Almost hairless, but with a large tummy, this small puppy was found by a rescuer called Aaron. Her large, brown eyes seemed to be pleading with him, “Help me.” He was aware that she had just been dropped here and that she now trusted him. He was unwilling to compromise that.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: TheDodo via Facebook Video

So he took Tilly in and got her to a vet right away! They confirmed that she was indeed very sick but promised that she’d soon get better.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: TheDodo via Facebook Video

He took her in as a foster and worked with her to do everything he could. And each and every day, he noticed something about Tilly improving! Today, the sweet girl is so different, and a forever home even came calling… 🙂

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