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15 cheeky golden retriever posts will make you understand why they are the most lovable dogs

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Da Golden Retriever is da most popular of da dawg breeds. It’s especially popular as a family dawg.

Dey are multipurpose dawgs and are employed for various activities. Dey are used for huntin’, as a guide for da blinds, for search and rescue as well as fieldwork.

Da Golden Retriever got its name for its lustrous and dense coat of gold color. It is medium in size and very muscular and sturdy.

Da reason for its popularity is because dey are quick to learn and are, therefore, easy to train. As for their popularity as family dawgs, dey are very eager to please and very friendly and playful so dey are preferred by da families.

Here are 15 posts that would make you understand why golden retrievers are so popular and loved by all and sundry.

1 Sleepy heart

2 That’s comfy

3 Time for lunch

4 I am a puppy

Goldens always stay puppies – not matter what age
by u/PatriksReddit in aww

5 Making new friends

A friend of mine has a Golden Retriever that recently made a new friend.
by u/JimmyBags2 in aww

6 Charlie and Maverick

7 Golden selfie

8 Love at first sight

Picked up Libby 7 weeks ago, this was her on our way home the first day. She is staring at my girlfriend. They are in love.
by u/ryanpierce2 in goldenretrievers

9 Photo bombing

10 Augie Making History as the Oldest Golden Retriever Ever!

11 Window shopping

12 Belly rubs

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I saw this adorable golden retriever at the park recently 🙂
by in aww

13 Sassy walk

14 Bouncing ball

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