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Anxious rescue dog is always comforted by his two best friends

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Many rescue dogs struggle with anxiety, which can be particularly pronounced in dogs that have suffered from rough pasts. Rex, a 4-year-old English/French Mastiff mix, is no exception. Before his current owner Ross rescued him, Rex had already been through a lot with three previous owners, including abuse.

While Rex has made great strides since being rescued, he still experiences anxiety from time to time. However, Ross recently shared a video on Reddit that showcases the love and support of Rex’s two best friends, Winnie and Huxley.

Rex is anxious so his siblings try and take care of him. (OC)
by u/Creepy-Bite-3174 in AnimalsBeingBros

In the video, Winnie and Huxley are seen showering Rex with love and kisses during an anxiety attack. As Ross explained, Winnie’s deafness means she isn’t afraid of Rex’s growling, so she can provide comfort to him in a way that other dogs might not be able to. Ross also mentioned that he has worked with Rex to reduce his anxiety over the years, and their close bond has undoubtedly helped Rex to feel more secure and at ease.

Here’s Huxley again with his big big brother Rex (English/French Mastiff mix.) (OC)
by u/Creepy-Bite-3174 in aww

Anxiety can be a tough issue for dogs to cope with, but the love and support of caring owners and loyal friends can make all the difference. Rex is lucky to have such wonderful friends in Winnie and Huxley, and we’re grateful that Ross shared their heartwarming story. If you know a rescue dog struggling with anxiety, consider sharing this story to spread hope and love.

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