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Shelter Dog Finally Finds a Home Despite Being Labeled “Ugly”

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All dogs are beautiful in their own way and deserve love, but sometimes, even those with “imperfections” get ignored. Sadly, this was the case for Dutchess, a shelter dog who had a “slight deformity” under both eyes. Despite being gentle, sweet, energetic, and extremely intelligent, Dutchess was constantly labeled as “ugly” and overlooked by potential adopters.

Orange County Animal Services shared Dutchess’ story on Facebook, hoping to raise awareness about the need to give all shelter dogs a chance. The post described how people would pass over Dutchess, making comments about her appearance, and wondering if she was blind. The shelter wrote that Dutchess did not know a bad day and was always optimistic, despite the constant rejection.

Thankfully, Rescue Dogs Dream Inc. took Dutchess in and placed her in a foster home. Dutchess quickly adapted to her new environment and was renamed Lena by her new family. The rescue announced that Lena had been “pre-adopted” by a loving family who treated their pups like kids.

After undergoing surgery to remove uncomfortable eye growths, Lena settled in well in her new home. According to Rescue Dogs Dream, Lena recently graduated level one in her doggie training classes and was described as “sweet” and “loving” by her new family.

Dutchess/Lena’s story is a heartwarming reminder that every shelter dog deserves a chance at a happy life. The shelter urged people to visit with an open heart and look for dogs like Dutchess/Lena, who are often overlooked due to their appearance.

Let’s share this story and spread the word that all shelter dogs, regardless of their looks, deserve a chance to be loved and find a forever home. >>… RELATED POST: Unwanted “Ugly” Dog Breaks Down In Tears As He Receives First-ever Pampering

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