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Dogs Meet And Fall In Love, Their Parents Start Dating To Keep Them Together

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Louie and Baloo, two adorable pups, met at the dog park and it was love at first sight. Their owners, Mickey and Bella, knew they had to become friends for their dogs’ sake. Despite being complete opposites, Louie and Baloo formed a tight bond that even their owners couldn’t ignore.

Louie’s dad, Mickey, and Baloo’s mom, Bella, live an hour and a half away. Whenever it’s time to go, Louie gives his dad the saddest face in the world because he hates to leave Baloo. But now, thanks to their owners’ connection, the foursome will be reunited again soon.

Mickey and Bella are building a beautiful connection that will foster their dogs’ obsession with one another. They seem to have fallen in love just like their furry friends. Perhaps it was Louie and Baloo’s plan all along to bring their owners together.

Do you have a similar love story with your furry friend? Share it with us in the comments section below. And don’t forget to watch Louie and Baloo’s heartwarming video. >>… RELATED POST: Longest Resident At Shelter Falls Asleep Smiling When He Finds A Family

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