Two stray dogs with signs of abuse prove that miracles exist

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Juliana had a heartwarming experience when she came across two abandoned dogs. The dogs, named Scar and Shine, were clearly in need of help. Shine, a black dog, was found standing alone in a field with something tied around his neck, while Scar, who had a scar across the top of his nose, was discovered in a busy intersection.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Despite their previous abuse, both dogs were incredibly grateful to be rescued by Juliana. When she called out to Scar, he immediately came running to her, but Shine was more afraid and took some time to trust her. After a few days of coaxing, Shine finally started following Juliana, and she was able to bring both dogs home.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Upon bringing the dogs home, Juliana noticed that they were not particularly close, despite their shared past of abuse. Shine loved being inside and lounging on the couch, while Scar preferred the great outdoors. However, Juliana’s daughter quickly connected with the dogs, and the trio developed a strong bond.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

In the end, Scar and Shine became like brothers, and they were no longer the scared and abused dogs Juliana had found. They were now happy, healthy, and loved dogs who had found their forever home. Juliana’s act of kindness had made a world of difference in these dogs’ lives. >>… RELATED POST: A Young Boy Can Be Seen In A Video Stopping To Hug Two Stray Dogs When He thinks No One Is Looking

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