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Cat Superhero Defends Her Canine ‘Friend’ Against The Neighborhood Bully

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Alright, we all know that not all dogs and cats get along. However, in this case, there is a cat who noticed that his BFF was having some issues with the neighbor bully. And this cat knew he needed to take action to defend his best bud (yes, a dog). You’re going to absolutely love how this plays out in the video below.

A dog and his owner were out for a stroll one fine afternoon when they ran into their next-door neighbor. The neighbor happened to be a cat, and the dog went nose-to-nose with him. Fortunately, the dog’s mother recorded the entire love affair on video. Things took an abrupt turn for the worse right after that.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video

The Border Collie appears out of nowhere and commences chasing the cat. The Border Collie chased the canine companion of the cat, but that was only the beginning of the drama. The cat leaped down from her perch and went after the Border Collie. Not only that, but rather than running away, she pursued him all over town!

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video

This lady filming the episode could not contain her laughter, and when you view the video, you’ll understand why. That cat was attempting to educate the Border Collie a lesson. We’re confident that the tenacious kitty made his point abundantly clear. >>… RELATED POST: Chris Evans says adopting his dog Dodger was the ‘best decision of my life’

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