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Woman rescues and adopts dog abandoned at NYC subway station

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New Yorkers are always finding unique things on the streets of the city, but one woman’s discovery recently turned into a heartwarming story of companionship. A social media account named “NYC Free at the Curb” helps residents locate free items left on the street, such as used furniture. However, the account recently assisted a woman in finding a new furry friend after she discovered an abandoned dog in an NYC subway station.

On March 27, the Instagram account shared an emergency alert that a dog had been found in the Fulton Street subway station. The dog was allegedly scared and tied up, and a rescue was needed immediately. Heather Hamm, a New Yorker, came across the post while browsing Instagram and knew she had to help. Heather took a Lyft to the station and met the abandoned puppy, quickly forming a connection with her.

For a brief moment, the puppy backed away from Heather’s hand, but then immediately came to her. Heather realized that the dog was still a puppy, and her tail was wagging like crazy. The abandoned dog was giving her plenty of kisses and puppy jumps. Heather recounted that the dog quite literally jumped into her arms while she was bent down to her.

When the police arrived on the scene, they offered to take the dog to a shelter if there was room. However, Heather decided to take the dog to her own apartment, where she set up a comfortable space for her. Heather called her new companion Peaches, and the name stuck. Peaches is estimated to be between six and nine months old, and she didn’t have any medical issues.

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Heather had been planning to rescue a dog, and she felt that Peaches was meant to be hers. The adoption process was easy, and Heather brought her home for good. Peaches has been adjusting very well, responding to basic commands like sit, stay, up, and down. Heather shared that Peaches is super obedient, always looking to her while they are walking, and that she lays right at her feet when it’s time for bed.

Heather says that Peaches is the best thing she has ever found on the “free at the curb” Instagram account. She had found her coffee table and couch on the account, but finding Peaches was the craziest stoop find yet. It took some unusual circumstances to bring these two together, but Heather is thrilled to have Peaches in her life.

Thanks to Heather’s kindness, Peaches has a new home with a loving owner. This story is proof that sometimes, the best things in life come unexpectedly. Please share this heartwarming story to inspire others to adopt pets and make a difference in their lives. ❤️🐾

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