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Mama Grit Her Teeth And Bit Man To Protect Her Pups But He Wouldn’t Quit

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Niall, a seasoned rescuer, spotted a homeless mama dog with her five puppies in a lot. Mom was dumped there with a padlock around her neck. When Niall approached, the mama dog growled and lashed out. She was frightened and protective of her babies and bit the rescuer several times.

The rescuer wasn’t giving up and continued to bring them food on a daily basis. He carefully placed it further away so he wasn’t a threat. This worked perfectly! Mama began to trust Niall. As she came closer to him, the puppies did too, with the cutest tail wags! Niall named the mama dog, Britney.

Niall had worked a miracle in just a week! He returned with some friends so they could finally rescue the family. He set up a crate and a catch pole, then lured the family closer with some food. But Britney fought that pole with all her might! She growled and bit it. Britney’s rescue was going to be a challenge for sure! Niall decided to catch the puppies first and load them into the crate so Mom would stay nearby.

The plan worked! Each puppy was safely tucked inside the crate– but Mom still fought the catch pole! This went on and on, but Niall and his friends never lost hope! To find out what happens next, check out the video below. We are so grateful for Niall and his rescue organization!

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