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Angry Stray Puppy Scooped Into Shopping Bag For Lashing Out At Woman

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Jen, a volunteer from the Bali Animal Welfare Association, found a small injured puppy hiding under a scooter. Despite her attempts to touch him, the frightened pup lashed out and showed no trust in humans. After her persistence, she finally put him inside a shopping bag and took him home. The puppy felt safe and fell asleep in the bag while Jen set up his new living quarters. She later named him Budji.

After two days, Budji was introduced to Jen’s other dogs, and they immediately hit it off. It was a heartwarming sight to see the once-frightened puppy play with his new friends, transforming his demeanor and realizing he was finally safe. Despite his skin still being in bad shape, Jen noticed a big change in the little guy.

Budji even found a way to scale furniture like a tiny “Spiderman,” showing off his playful spirit. By the end of the video, he was unrecognizable from the angry, frightened puppy that Jen had found. Thanks to Jen and other rescuers who tirelessly work to save dogs in need, Budji found a loving home and a new lease on life.

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