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Woman Rescues Shivering Puppy From The Roadside

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This woman tried to reassure the fearful dog she found on the side of the road while also rescuing him.

Many people have consistently offered their assistance to those in need. Additionally, it applies to both people and animals. Something quite similar may be seen in a recent popular video. A sweet video depicting a puppy being rescued from shivering has won the hearts of internet users. The Buitengebieden-tweeted video is too endearing to watch.

On a deserted road, a woman stops a car. A little, terrified puppy shivering close to one of the car’s wheels is shown in a rapid cut. The woman reaches out to the puppy tenderly, but the animal appears to be wary of her. The dog becomes accustomed to the woman at the conclusion of the movie and eventually walks into her arms.

Here is a link to the video:

One million people have seen this video since it was posted. Additionally, the video has 61,000 likes and several comments. In the Twitter comments, one individual commented, “So scared until he realizes she is there to help him, then he lights up at the end. I wanna have a “\talk with whoever abandoned this sweet puppy.” Another person said, “It breaks my heart wondering what that poor baby must have been put through at the hands of humans to be so fearful.” “Another GREAT Rescue. Hopefully into a FOREVER home,” said a third.

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