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After 5 Years, The Owners And A Stolen Shih Tzu Were Reunited In New Jersey

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A Shih Tzu who was taken from its owners in 2017 has been brought together with them, because of a New Jersey animal shelter that took the canine in and filtered its computer chip.

The Associated Humane Society of Newark says Bandit’s story with them began in a terrifying spot: The senior canine was starved, had tangled fur, and at large was not doing so great. Bandit really required a ton of help – and got it at the New Jersey animal shelter.

However, the greatest assistance of all? Is his computer chip. AHS-Newark filtered it and found the dog’s proprietors had recorded him and his related computer chip as missing around quite a while back.

“When we contacted his owners, they were so overjoyed to hear that Bandit, their dog had been stolen over 5 years prior, was finally found!” the shelter stated in an overflowing Facebook post.

During his stay at the Newark shelter, Bandit required extensive medical attention, including a visit to a cardiologist. His owners paid him daily visits, according to the shelter.

“Finally, the day came when this beautiful boy and his amazing family were reunited at last!” the shelter stated in the post. “This reunion would have never happened if Bandit’s family had neglected to have him microchipped. That is the reason this happy boy and his family are reunited once again!”

Based on Bandit’s story, the shelter is hoping that it would serve as a good reminder to all pet owners about the need of having their animals chipped. According to AHS-Newark, “It could be the difference between missing your furry friend their whole life or a beautiful reunion!”

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The shelter intends to offer free computer chips and antibodies to pets of Newark occupants not long from now. Check its Facebook page for additional subtleties as they become accessible.

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