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Pup Thrown Out Because He’s Different Wanted Someone To Love Him The Way He Is

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Near the park, a little dog was discovered abandoned and wrapped in a damp blanket. He was transported right away to the Sacramento SPCA. The poor little baby had been shunned because he appeared strange; he had cerebellar hypoplasia, a disease where part of the brain is abnormal. However, he would later find a family who would accept him for who he is.

Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Sacramento SPCA via Facebook Video

Despite the fact that it appeared hopeless, Petey’s rescuers persisted in their efforts. He gradually began to get better with the help of physical therapy and plenty of affection. Now that he is old enough, he can play and eat by himself.

Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Sacramento SPCA via Facebook Video

But Petey’s new parents never gave a damn about any of his issues. With their new puppy, they are overjoyed and giving him all he needs for the ideal existence. They simply cannot believe someone rejected the adorable child. However, as the saying goes, “garbage” to one man is treasure to another.

Click the video below to watch Petey’s journey!

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