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Dad Built A Train Track For The Kids, But His German Shepherds Use It First

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These German shepherds are loving the railroad line their dad made in their yard. Texas residents Mariano and Esmeralda Rendon built a railway so that a train could circle around their backyard because they enjoyed trains, dogs, and their grandkids.

Rendon started the project in the past, and because of the epidemic, he has more time to work on it now. In their backyard, he built a track that is 1,000 feet long.

The railway carriages, which the locals call Salsa Tracks, can accommodate both children and dogs. The dogs are so enamored by the train that they frequently go there to nap.

Bradley and Abrams, who are both 11 months old, take pleasure in and relax during the excursion. We are excited for Rendon’s grandkids and great-granddogs to test out his idea once he decided to extend it.

He created “Corona Pass”. The newest section of the project in honor of the significant time he devoted most of his work. You can see updates on their FB group: Backyard Railroading.

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