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Senior Dog Sleeps In New Bed For First Time After Spending 14 Years In Shelter

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Stuart had a dream of finding his forever family for more than ten years. The 14-year-old canine spent practically his entire existence in the shelter after entering there when he was just a year old. Stuart was in search of a hero—someone who could recognize his worth as a recipient of unwavering love. And perhaps something comfortable to sleep on after a long day.

Stuart began to fear that he would spend the rest of his days in the shelter after two failed adoptions and returns, but then he struck it lucky.

Although Stuart first entered an animal shelter in 2008, he is not the only animal who has lived there for the majority of his life.

The fact that there have been dogs there for 14, 10, 8, or 5 years, like Stuart, “just crushed my heart,” said Emily Wozniak, a former employee of Friends of Strays, Inc., to The Dodo. So, in an effort to help him find a home, I put his tale on TikTok.

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The shepherd-heeler hybrid attracted a lot of attention thanks to the video, particularly from a woman who lived five hours away.

Natalie Snyder, Stuart’s mother and the creator of Repo’s Rescue, told The Dodo, “I first learned about Stuart through the video showing his intake documentation.” “Stuart had a lot of possible adoptive parents to choose from, but I felt he’d be the best for my household.”

Snyder drove to meet Stuart because he could not resist. However, once there, Stuart’s availability abruptly disappeared since the shelter believed that since Stuart had spent a significant portion of his life with them, he should spend the remainder of his days there. Nevertheless, she and the rest of the neighborhood campaigned for the adoption because they understood that she needed Stuart just as much as he did.

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When I got back home, they phoned me the next day, Snyder recalled. They approved of his adoption, allowing me to take Stewart home.

Stuart’s tale can be seen here:


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Stuart’s life has significantly improved since then. No more uncomfortable noises or sleeps on the concrete.

He enjoys exploring the backyard and watching the birds, according to Snyder. He also loves his orthopedic bed. “Watching him transition and live life on his terms is very emotional.”

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Stuart is gradually coming to trust this opportunity to spend the remainder of his days in peace. With the knowledge that he will never again have to worry about finding a home, Snyder is savoring every second with her new companion.

Snyder remarked, “Stuart helps me believe in the kindness of humanity. He has helped me realize my potential and, more importantly, his potential. The fact that he gets up every day, tries something new, and is brave despite his past makes me proud. He’s a really great dog.

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