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Mom Films Her Napping Baby And Catches The Dog’s Nose Poking Through Beside Him

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When kids grow up alongside a dog, they have a friend and protector for life. There’s nothing like the bond that forms between them, and it only strengthens as they grow older. The adventures and moments they share are priceless, whether it be an adventure to the park or learning how to crawl.

Having fun at the park is great, but it’s even better with a park buddy! Just look at these two on the swings. They’re the perfect companions for each other!

And did you know that dogs make great teachers? They’ve been known to teach a child how to crawl a time or two. Watch this helpful pooch show his human sibling how it’s done!

They share all of the small moments together, and they’re better off for it. Watch the video compilation below of kids and dogs growing up together and try not to smile. It’s impossible!

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