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Sweet Dog Always Welcomes Mom Home With A Gift

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When his mother returns home, Levi the Lab mix gets so delighted that he had to go choose the ideal present to give her. Thankfully, Lori Eddins, his mother, is aware that it’s the thought that matters. 😉

It all began when he gave her a box of screws that had been partially chewed. She pleaded with him in a baby voice to turn it over before taking him to the veterinarian for confirmation. However, she believes that her response there stimulated the entire routine!

He now always has a unique, hand-picked gift ready for you!

Levi usually gives thoughtful gifts, including toys, blankets, bones, and even cardboard or patches of grass. He once even brought her flowers from the newly-planted garden bed.

Mom always lets Levi know how much she appreciates the gesture, no matter what it is. It’s the sweetest routine, and Lori Eddins never knows what to expect when she gets home!

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