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Little Dog Sits Howling Next To A Hole Until Someone Looks Inside

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Willians Mollo Flores and his dog were strolling when they heard another barking. They discovered a little puppy sitting close to a hole in the ground and wailing for help. In the crawl space was a dog with a similar appearance…

The man hurried home to get some food, some water, and a rope, then came back to lower himself to rescue the dog. As soon as he reached solid ground, the puppy ran over to his brother and thanked him for his assistance.

Willians didn’t know what else to do at this point, so he sat with the dogs and tried contacting people on social media. He was able to contact Valeska Torres Tapia, an animal rescuer, and she agreed to take them in. She thinks the proprietor of a puppy factory dumped them there.

But Valeska chose to keep them for all time and gave them the names Angel and Salvador. The two brothers are now living together in harmony in their lifelong home, which is the ideal setting for them. What a fantastic job was done by everyone!

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