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Moment Woman Meets Her New Bernese Mountain Puppy Is Simply The Best

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It’s not a simple decision to bring a new furry member into your pack. In reality, it can also be a very emotional decision! Because of this, we can comprehend how this adorable dog mother felt when she first greeted her new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

Little @bondtheberner has only recently been introduced to his family and the wider world, but he’s already garnering a lot of attention on TikTok. But before he became famous on social media, his parents were in tears over this adorable “gotcha day” moment.

@bondtheberner Gotcha’ day 🖤 #fureverhome #bmdpuppy #bernesemountaindogpuppy #fyp #puppylove ♬ Married Life (From "Up") – Sergy el Som

What a fantastic first day together, my goodness! As we stand over there sobbing as if this were our new dog, this small family seems so happy to have found each other. These kinds of videos almost always hit us right in the feels.

@lizshank0 shared, “We lost our Berner last year. Enjoy every second! They are the best dogs! We were extremely blessed to get 15 yrs with our Sasha.” Aww! Although losing a pet is a pain unlike any other, the love you shared with them makes it so worth it. There are many exciting things ahead for Bond and his new parents!

Commenter @lisa_lisa10240 stated, “I know I would have left with just all of them and that’s my problem.” We understand your suffering! These Berners are such adorable little things, and it’s endearing to see the siblings playing together. Bond will undoubtedly be adored and spoilt as he grows up, though! Everything seemed to have transpired as it should have.

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