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New Law Will Make It Illegal To Leave Dogs Outside In Extreme Weather

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How many times have we read about the sad stories involving dogs that are left outside in the extreme cold or heat who then die? These aren’t necessarily always neglected dogs in abusive situations. Some cases are just owners who have a lapse in judgment, thinking that because their pets have fur that they’ll be ok overnight in a dog house in the dead of winter.

Regardless, pets should never be left outside in extreme weather conditions, and now, thanks to Democratic Rep. Darrin Camilleri from Brownstown, Michigan, there is sponsorship behind a bill that proposes making it illegal to leave your dog outside for more than 30 minutes in temperatures that are 90 degrees and higher, as well as sub-zero weather conditions.

According to WZZM, Executive Director for the Harbor Humane Society in Ottawa County, Jennifer Self-Aulgur, said, “It’s very common for us to see at least a dozen cases of frostbite every winter, and it’s usually dogs that were left out. It’s something we also see in the summer with dogs that have been outside too long [suffering] heat exhaustion.”

This is great news for dogs in Michigan come winter and summertime for them to have these kinds of protections in place. So, what would be the punishments? Well, according to the bill, a first offense would entail a misdemeanor that sees you go to jail for up to 93 days, as well as a fine of $1,000. After that, the ensuing offenses will be increased jail time as well as increased fines.

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However, Michigan wouldn’t be the only state to have such laws. According to WZZM there are other states with similar protections in place for their pets as well, and they include the following states: Texas, New York, and Nevada. Hopefully, other states across the nation will also catch on and start presenting similar bills in order to protect their animals from extreme weather conditions.

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