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Man At Pier To Scatter His Grandmother’s Ashes In The Bay Wound Up Saving A Drowning Dog’s Life

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A 20-year-old man named Raden Soemawinata was on Brighton pier to scatter his grandmother’s ashes into the bay in Melbourne, Australia. But when he was saying goodbye to one life, he had no idea he’d wind up saving another.

Just as he was paying his respects, a tiny Matlese-shitzu named Bibi was blown off the pier by strong winds and into the water. His owner, Sue Drummond, panicked and feared that her furry best friend would drown.

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Without hesitation, Soemawinata quickly stripped down to his shirt and underwear and jumped into the water to save the scared pup, while a nervous Drummond and other passersby watched.

Thankfully, Soemawinata was able to grab a struggling Bibi and lift him out of the water to safety. He held Bibi up while Drummond kneeled down and pulled him up. Drummond gave Soemawinata a big hug and let out a huge sigh of relief after her furbaby was safe. She never expected this to happen in the first place, but I’m sure she’ll hold onto Bibi while at the pier from here on out.

Without Soemawinata, poor Bibi may have drowned. Drummond says she hesitated jumping in the water after him, because she wasn’t sure if she’d make it to shore with a struggling dog.

Thankfully Soemawinata, who has been hailed a hero, was at the right place at the right time to save Bibi. It was definitely fate, and both Bibi and Drummond are beyond thankful for his quick-thinking.

What would YOU do if you saw a dog struggling in the water?

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See the pictures of the dramatic rescue in the video below:

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