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Dr. Phil Adopts Two Puppies 3 Years After Losing Beloved Rescue Dog

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Dr. Phil is known for his advice to humans, but he also has good advice when it comes to dogs too: always adopt! He and his wife, Robin McGraw, have been proud rescue dog advocates for a long time. Their passion became even stronger when they adopted a dog named Maggie who was with them for 13 incredible years. When they lost Maggie, the couple had such a hard time. They didn’t know if they’d ever be ready to welcome another dog into the family. However, when they saw two rescue puppies at Safe in Austin, a sanctuary for special needs animals, they knew it was time.

Maggie was a beautiful white dog that Dr. Phil adopted as a puppy. She was found with her mom and littermates under a building that was about to be sealed up. So, a volunteer with the dog shelter came to coax the dogs out before they got sealed inside. Maggie was the last puppy to come out, and she stole Dr. Phil’s heart right away. She was exactly what the couple had been looking for. It was heartbreaking when they finally had to say goodbye to the rescue dog 13 years later.

Image: @drphilshow/Facebook

Meet Blue and Einstein!

When Dr. Phil came to Safe in Austin to help with a promotional video, he had been without Maggie for about 3 years. Of course, he shared the dog’s story with the employees at the sanctuary. They were moved by how much he loved the dog, and they wanted to help cheer him up. But because of the coronavirus, they couldn’t give him a hug. So, one individual handed him some fluffy rescue pups for comfort instead.

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The two fluff balls were Great Pyrenees pups. The sanctuary was taking care of them because when they found the mother, they noticed that she was struggling to care for her eight puppies. The poor pups were feral and covered in fleas at first. So, the staff cared for them to make sure they all stayed healthy. When Dr. Phil was handed two of the adorable pups, his heart melted.

Image: @SafeinAustinRescue/Facebook

Seeing the two white puppies instantly reminded Dr. Phil of when he adopted Maggie. He sent a photo of the pups to Robin, who also fell in love with them. It didn’t take long before the couple decided to adopt two of the puppies. They were only going to adopt one at first, but the two pups seemed to have a special bond. So, Blue and Einstein are now members of the family!

Blue got his name because he has two beautiful blue eyes. Then, Einstein has one eye that’s blue and one eye that’s brown. They’re both extremely precious.

Image: Screenshot, @drphilshow/Facebook

Dr. Phil’s Advice for Fellow Dog Lovers

Dr. Phil and Robin introduced the new puppies in a video on Facebook. They talked about where the pups came from, and they concluded with an important message about getting a dog.

“Don’t go buy dogs. Don’t buy pets. You gotta rescue the pups,” Dr. Phil said at the end of the video.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Phil has spoken up about rescuing, though. On his show in 2018, shortly after he lost Maggie, he talked about why you shouldn’t buy designer dogs. He talked to Madeline Bernstein, the president of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, about how buying puppies hurts dogs. They pointed out that there are so many great dogs already in existence, so more people should adopt to put an end to the designer puppy demand.

Image: @SafeinAustinRescue/Facebook

“I truly believe this, that when you rescue a dog, that dog knows they’ve been rescued. I believe Maggie knew that she had been rescued, and it’s like they are forever devoted – like, ‘You saved me, and I’m going to devote my life to you,’” Dr. Phil said on his show.

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Hopefully, his stance will make an impact on dog lovers all over the world. There are many amazing rescue dogs out there that need homes. Some are small puppies like Blue and Einstein, and others are large adults. Every dog will be equally as grateful to be rescued. So, next time you’re looking for a new dog, please listen to Dr. Phil’s advice and choose to adopt.

Watch the Video with Blue and Einstein Here:

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