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Golden Retriever, Hamster and Eight Birds Are The Most Unusual Best Friends Ever

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Bob the Golden Retriever is everything you expect in a goldie. Friendly with people, calm, easy going and gentle. Just ask the hamster and 8 or so birds he lives with. They love him! They regularly perch on him, or cuddle next to him for a nap. Bob lives in São Paulo, Brazil with his family and their human regularly shares their adorableness on Instagram.

Check out Bob and his feathered and furry room-mates in the cute photos below.

You may have to wait a few seconds for the photos to load, but they’re worth it!

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Que frio!!! ⛄️❄️

A post shared by Bob & Marley Golden Retriever (@bob_marley_goldenretriever) on

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Família Reunida!

A post shared by Bob & Marley Golden Retriever (@bob_marley_goldenretriever) on

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