Dogs stopping to sniff the flowers is the cutest thing ever (6 pics)

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We all love to take a walk through a flower garden and enjoy the blooming colors and of course, the smell. We enjoy the smell of flowers so much, we have made candles, air fresheners, laundry detergents, and many other products to have the smell of various flowers.

Now, our noses only have a fraction of the power of dogs. In fact, a dog has so many more receptors in their nose that they can sense smells 40x better than our noses. So it would stand to reason that they enjoy smelling flowers 40 times more than we do, right? Well, I’m sure that’s debatable.

However, in these 6 pictures of dogs stopping to ‘smell the roses,’ it is clear that they love flowers and have beautiful expressions when doing so. Enjoy!

1- The pink ones

You can see the pink flowers are the sweetest smelling. Molly loves the flowers in the family’s butterfly garden just as much as anyone.

Source: Flickr-jaho326

2- Practice

This little puppy boy is still breaking in his sense of smell. So what better way to do it than with some beautiful flowers.

Source: Imgur-andrew0506

3- How do you take your tea?

Looks like this little guy will pass on the sugar and the tea entirely. All he wants is the flowers for that uplifting zing!

Source: kaboompics

4- Living on the outside

Once Jerry made it out of the kill shelter, he clearly didn’t take his freedom for granted. He just loves to walk around smelling the flowers.

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Source: Reddit-irr1449

5- A modern lady and the tramp

These two didn’t have a plate of spaghetti to enjoy together, so they made do with a local organic tulip. It’s still a beautiful moment.

Source: Reddit-copycatalyst

6- Handsome Doggo

It was a lovely late-spring day, the rain had stopped, and the time was right to get out and begin sniffing the flowers. One by one.

Source: Colt Sellers

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