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FedEx Driver Makes A Special Delivery For Lost Dog

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Catcher the 3-year-old Golden Retriever is great at learning new tricks with her mom, Liza Menzies. However, her eagerness to learn new things recently got her into trouble. Her latest trick was an escape act, one that her family certainly didn’t approve of. Catcher wandered off all on her own, and she likely would’ve been lost forever if a kind FedEx driver hadn’t come to save the day.

Catcher’s Escape Act

Menzies and her husband were out of town when Catcher decided to let her curiosity get the best of her. There was a contractor at their house in Castle Pines, Colorado. When he left for a lunch break, he didn’t close the front door tightly enough. The wind blew the door open! So, Catcher saw an opportunity for an exciting adventure.

The doorbell camera footage filmed Catcher exiting the house. When the Menzies found out their beloved dog escaped, they feared the worst. They worried that Catcher would be lost forever or that she might put herself in danger.

“She could have wandered out to a busy road and you hate to think what’s going to happen then,” said Menzies.

However, the worst never happened because a kind soul came to the rescue. A FedEx driver spotted the lost pup while on the job. He knew he couldn’t leave her behind, so he decided to do the right thing.

The Journey Home

The kind FedEx driver decided to stop what he was doing to bring Catcher home. He saw Menzies’ number and address on Catcher’s tag, so he began a rescue mission. He called Menzies and left a voicemail telling her that he found her dog and he was going to bring her home.

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The FedEx driver took Catcher for a special ride in his truck. He followed the address on her tag to help bring her to where she belonged. The drive made Catcher’s little adventure even more exciting for her.

Once the driver arrived at Catcher’s home, he carried her up to the front door. The doorbell camera once again caught the moment. Now, the family will forever have an adorable video of the FedEx man delivering their pup home.

He dropped Catcher off inside and made sure the door was closed tightly this time. The catcher was safe and sound now thanks to the kind actions of a stranger.

“Seeing him carry her into the house like that… in my head, I was thinking of the theme song from the Titanic,” said Menzies. “He was taking such care and love with her that it was really amusing.”

Menzies texted a thank you to the FedEx man, but she wants to share her gratitude in person. She doesn’t know his name, but she hopes the news stories will help her meet him so she can properly thank him. He saved Catcher’s life that day, which is something the family will never forget.

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