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Dog won’t sleep until his mom tucks him into bed every night

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As children, we all have nighttime routines like bedtime stories, lullaby songs, our favorite toy beside us, mom or dad lying on the bed next to us, our favorite snack before going to bed, and many more.

These are memories worth reminiscing over, now that we are already grown-ups. Some bedtime routines, though, just never get old.

Surprisingly, these also apply to dogs.

Just like this dog who refuses to go to bed without being tucked-in by his mom.

Meet Fusion, the incredibly clingy dog!

Fusion is a Border Collie who knows over 150 commands, thanks to his mom, Steffi Trott, who is a full-fledged dog trainer.

Their tandem is more than just dog-human relationships, for they are almost always together 24/7.

“We spend all day, every day together,” Trott told The Dodo, “either at work or relaxing, or playing frisbee or doing dog agility or learning tricks.”

Aside from the dog tricks that were taught to him by Trott, Fusion knows one trick that he learned on his own. A trick that he performs every night, and one that his mom absolutely adores.

This trick is none-other-than being tucked into bed every single night!

There’s no denying that Fusion, being a Border Collie, is a demanding but sweet dog. He also loves being present in his mom’s classes.

“The Border Collie dog breed was developed to gather and control sheep in the hilly border country between Scotland and England … He’s a dog with unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive, all of which make him a premier herding dog … The highly trainable and intelligent Border Collie also excels in various canine sports, including obedience, flyball, agility, tracking, and flying disc competitions,” explains

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At night, Fusion would rather sleep on his own bed than to be beside his humans. He’s already used to being nestled comfortably on his own silky blanket.

On the other hand, this independent dog will refuse to go to sleep until he’s tucked into bed.

Unlike Fusion, his other two dog siblings sleep at night on their mom’s bed.

“Originally, my 10-year-old son insisted on tucking Fusion in,” Trott said. “I think Fusion took a liking to it. Now it is a solid part of our evening routine.”

He’s like a grown-up who’s kept his old-fashioned but sweet way of getting mom’s attention.

How does the family know if Fusion is ready for bed?

Every night, whenever Fusion is all ready to go to bed, he will immediately show mom what he wants and, right there and then, mom already knows what to do next.

“The other two [dogs] hop on the bed, but Fusion will stand next to his dog bed,” Trott said. “He will just stand there and wait for me and look at me until I come over to tuck him in.”

And when his bedtime routine gets trampled by any of his dog siblings, he won’t go to sleep until his ever-supportive mom fixes things for him.

This is something that his mom never gets tired of doing when things go wrong for her pooch.

“The other night one of the other dogs actually went and laid down on his bed,” Trott said. “He stood next to my bed looking at me until I got up and got him another dog bed from downstairs.”

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This is just one of the little things that a dog will ask his/her parent but, sadly, the adorable gesture can be taken for granted by many dog owners.

Luckily, Fusion belongs to a loving mom who’ll do whatever she can to spoil her sweet pooch every night.

Visit their Youtube channel, SpiritDog Training, to see more of Fusion and his mom’s trick and tutorial videos.

To see Fusion’s adorable reaction to being tucked in, go here.

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