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Rescue dog never got to have his own yard before – so mom built him one

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Bentley, a four-year-old bloodhound, had already lived in 4 homes before he met KaTarra Taylor. Even though Bentley had anxiety and medical conditions that the previous homes couldn’t handle, Taylor was sold on giving him his fifth and final home. She knew he deserved a chance at happiness.

Bentley had a past of bad behavior.

“He was destructive, aggressive, and untrusting. I was in a one-bedroom apartment, but I Couldn’t let him go back to the rescue after not doing well at my parent’s home. I worked tirelessly to leash train him, treat his anxiety, diagnose and treat his severe allergies, and break his aggression.”

But then Taylor had to move.

She scoured the city for another place to live, but due to Bentley’s size of 120lbs, no places were able to accommodate them.

She was out of options and decided to take the leap into homeownership and bought a townhouse.

“I ended up buying a townhouse so we could stay together,” Taylor said. “It had an enclosed patio that I knew he would like. I couldn’t afford a house with a yard, but I thought I could turn the patio into a small yard with the right help.”

Taylor knew how much Bentley loves the grass. Whenever they would go to the parks or on walks, he would find a cozy patch of grass and just chill.

She realized he needed a piece of grass at home all to himself.

“Well, this weekend my awesome boyfriend worked his ass off to build Bentley his yard.”

After deciding it was time to build the yard, Taylor’s boyfriend Nick came to the task.

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Nick was able to get all the work done in one day.

He demolished the existing patio with a jackhammer, laid soil and sod, and did it all for under $400. Pretty awesome!

The yard was done, and Taylor couldn’t wait to show Bentley his new yard. She only hoped he would love it as much as she did.

Taylor brought Bentley outside to see the yard, and as soon as he saw it, just like she had hoped, she had made him a happy boy.

“Bentley immediately laid down and just stayed there for several hours,” Taylor said. “He seems so happy with it.”

“Bentley loves his little grassy area. We’ve even added a canvas shade for him. Nick really went above and beyond on this project.”

It’s definitely his new favorite spot at the house.

Even though Taylor is still working with Bentley’s anxiety issues, and he is getting better every day, the grass is helping him work through his issues.

The continual love that Taylor has shown to Bentley is inspiring.

For the many that came before her in Bentley’s life, they gave up. They weren’t willing to spend the time it takes to rehabilitate a broken dog.

There aren’t many people out there willing to make their lives harder to make others, dogs or humans, lives better.

Thank you, KaTarra Taylor, for your love and patience.

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Source: iHeartDogs

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