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Smart Dog Helps His Dad Make A Sandwich

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It can be fun to teach our dogs special tricks. Over the years, dogs have learned many incredible things such as getting beer out of the fridge and even talking with their parents! Now, there is a dog that has learned to help his dad make a sandwich! Sure, making a sandwich is not hard for a human to do on their own, but even simple tasks are more fun with a dog by your side. And this dog seems to love helping out his dad.

This dog’s dad starts off by placing two slices of bread on a plate. Then, he turns to his furry friend to help him complete his sandwich. While the dad sits at the table, he calls out different ingredients for his dog to bring. There is a rope attached to the fridge’s handle, so the dog is able to pull the door open with ease.

First, the dad asks for ham, and then cheese. The dog happily bounds over to grab these items. He brings the ham over first, and then goes back for the cheese. Since the cheese is in a flat plastic packaging, the dog has a difficult time picking it up, but he is determined. After dropping the cheese a few times, he still happily brings it over to his dad

Next, dad asks for ketchup and mustard. The dog grabs them one by one, and they seem much easier for him to carry than the ham and cheese. Afterward, his dad praises him and hands him a small treat, which the dog gobbles up instantly.

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To finish off this meal, the dad needs a refreshing beer. The dog gladly brings one to him, but then goes and grabs a second beer without even being asked! It’s like the dog can read his dad’s mind.

Finally, the dog runs back over to the fridge and gently closes it. He returns back to his dad to receive a delicious snack for his great work. What a smart boy! Now his dad has all the ingredients he needs to make a great sandwich.

Not every dog is this eager to learn elaborate tricks like this, but this dog is clearly happy to help his dad in any way possible. Dogs are such smart and loving creatures, and every day they amaze us with what they’re capable of. Who knows what they’ll be able to do next?

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