Rescued Pitbull pair save owner’s life in an attempted robbery

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How would you react if a group of thugs suddenly approached you and unlawfully demanded you to surrender your car keys?

Do you say no and risk being beaten or worse? Or, do you hand them over and pray that’s enough to just make them go away?

Well, one man recently encountered this situation but, fortunately for him, he didn’t have much say in what happened after.

But his Pitbull pups sure did.

Ellabelle and Ladybug are two adorable Pitbull dogs who were disowned and dumped by their previous owners.

Life wasn’t always that smooth for the two pitties but that didn’t stop them from hoping that, one day, they would receive love from a human.

Their wait was over when they were adopted by Robert McGowan, their new foster dad.

According to him, both dogs are of a composed and calm nature.

“They’re very docile and timid. They’re not aggressive at all,” McGowan told The Dodo.
Both Ellabelle and Ladybug showed nothing but love to their new dad.

Even though he knows how much his rescue girls love him, though, he never had the slightest idea of just how far they were willing to go to protect him… until someone tried to hurt him.

One evening, McGowan was in his garage seated comfortably next to his car with the garage door up. While his guard was down, the unexpected happened.

Four men suddenly rushed inside and began assaulting him.

He was caught off-guard, outnumbered, and overpowered by the intruders.

“One just punched me straight in the eye,” McGowan said. “I was knocked off my chair.”
Their target became obvious when the assailants demanded him to hand over the keys to his car. Injured and still shocked by the series of events, McGowan told them that the car keys were inside his house.

Little did they know, so were his beloved Pitbulls.

When one of the intruders opened the door into the home, Ellabelle and Ladybug were ready to greet them. And it was payback time!

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“They chased them out,” McGowan said. “My girls ran into the garage and stood over me. They stood there barking, making it clear that no one was going to hurt me anymore. The four people took off.”
Ellabelle and Ladybug taught the thugs a lesson. Their daddy was NOT to be messed with. The pitties also definitely saved their dad’s car from being stolen.

McGowan only suffered a left black eye from the would-be thieves.

Thanks to his ladies’ bravery, his car wasn’t stolen and he only needed to heal a minor injury.

Ellabelle and Ladybug ended up being spoiled by dad with lots of treats. Of course, it’s the least that he can do to reward his hero Pitbull pups for saving him.

“They got toys and treats. They got good stuff,” McGowan said.
McGowan knows for a fact that his love for his furry little ladies is no match to what they did to save not only his car but, most importantly, his life.

He just hopes that his story gets to reach more people to raise awareness and, hopefully, encourage more kind-hearted people to open up their homes to shelter dogs who need a forever family.

He’s sure many dogs would show the same bravery for their beloved owners.

“They are rescues. Unwanted dogs. They saved my life,” he wrote. “Please consider adopting a rescue. They might save your life too.”

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