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Man Ties Husky Out On Chain To ‘Waste Away’ After His Wife Divorces Him

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The owner of a Husky named Finn went through a bad divorce and wanted to spite his wife. As a result, he left Finn tied up outside on a chain without water or shelter for two years, causing the poor dog to become severely malnourished. Eventually, ‘Pet Angels Rescue’ arrived and rescued Finn, but he was in a state of extreme emaciation.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: TheDodo via Twitter Video

The Husky was very tired, so he immediately fell asleep in the rescue vehicle and slept throughout the entire two-hour trip back to the shelter. Despite his health issues, he had a lot of energy and impressed everyone with his resilience. He began to anticipate his daily playtime and social interaction outside of his kennel!

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: TheDodo via Twitter Video

The dog, now named Fonzie, had never received attention before and enjoyed it immensely. Gradually, he improved and his curly tail grew back with his fur. During his recovery, his adopters visited him frequently, and now he happily enjoys his new life in his forever home.

Click below to watch the video of Fonzie’s incredible journey AND happy ending!

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