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Loving Dad Turns Ignored Dog Into An Affection Addict

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Nala came to her foster family after her parents split up. She was covered in mange causing her to lose half of her fur. She was in constant pain. Her paws were too soft for her age, which was a sign that she didn’t go outside much. It was as if she didn’t have a chance to be a real dog.

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The sweet pup quickly became attached to her foster parents. She had all this love to give and wanted so desperately to receive it back. It seemed like she didn’t have much experience with affection and it felt so good that she was finally able to express herself. Just look at the photo below. She’s in total bliss to receive kisses from her foster dad!

When Nala’s mange treatments helped her become pain-free, she gained an interest in toys. This was a really good sign! She wanted to learn how to play and that made her foster parents so happy!

Although they admit they were getting attached to Nala, they knew she was ready for her own forever family. If they kept her, that would mean they’d have less room for more fosters. And fostering animals isn’t just important, it’s necessary in order to transition dogs from shelters to forever homes.

Nala’s story is far from over, and boy is it heartwarming! What follows is incredible and we couldn’t be more thrilled for this precious pup. Please consider becoming a foster parent. Without fosters, rescue groups can’t save as many animals from shelters and help them transition into their forever homes.

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