From Abandoned to Adored: 20 Heartwarming Dog Rescue Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

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1 Rescued pit bull is named ‘Cinnamon’ because of her unique curled ears

Jen Deane, president of Pit Sisters dog rescue, took in a litter of abandoned puppies and brought them to the vet for treatment. One of the puppies stood out because of its unique, curled-in ears, which Deane named Cinnamon. A picture of Cinnamon went viral on social media, and she was quickly adopted by a couple in Florida and renamed Kira. Although her ears have since uncurled and grown out, Kira is still just as cute. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY…

2 Police officers rescue dog left out on freezing cold balcony

Amid the harsh winter season in the US, it is crucial to protect pets from the cold, as even outdoor dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. Recently, police officers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rescued a pit bull that was left outside on a balcony during one of the coldest days of the year. The dog was found wet, cold, and shaking, and was immediately brought inside by the officers. While it is against the law to leave pets out in the cold unsupervised for more than half an hour when it is less than 32 degrees, the situation appeared to be a mistake, and the officers were praised for their service. This incident serves as a reminder to take extra precautions and ensure pets are kept safe and warm during the winter. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY…

3 Dr. Travis Gets Emotional During Tribute To His Senior Rescue Dog

Dr. Travis Stork, from The Doctors, had a rescue dog named Nala for 17 years before she passed away. She was like his four-legged child, and the show made a surprise video tribute to her which caused Dr. Travis to cry. Nala was well-loved, had been through many adventures, and had appeared on the show several times. Her passing was emotional for Dr. Travis, but he still adopted another dog named Charlie and encourages people to adopt because he knows it can change their lives. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY…

4 This Rescue Group Had To Fake An Abused Dog’s Death To Rescue Her From Her Owner

Learn about the heartbreaking story of Lucy, a one-year-old Pit Bull who was beaten almost every day by her owner in Egypt, despite being an expensive purebred dog. After a rescue group in Cairo failed to convince her owner to give her up, they contacted a US-based animal rescue, SNARR, who helped them devise a plan to rescue Lucy and bring her to the US for medical treatment. Lucy had broken jaws and an infection, which were successfully treated by doctors, and she was then taken in by a loving foster mom who helped heal her emotional trauma. Lucy has now found her forever home with a family in Arizona. Share this story to spread awareness about animal abuse and the importance of rescue groups.–> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY…

5 Chris Evans Reveals Sweet Video Of The Day He Met His Rescue Dog

Chris Evans, an actor and dog lover, shared a video on National Rescue Dog Day on Instagram showing the first time he met his rescue dog, Dodger. While on set filming a movie in a shelter, Evans met Dodger and knew he was meant to go home with him. Since then, Evans has spoiled and shared his adventures with Dodger on Instagram, encouraging fans to adopt dogs and give them a second chance at life. Evans is a huge advocate for rescue animals and admits he only got Instagram to share photos of his furry friend, who he often mentions in interviews..–> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY…

6 Kevin Bacon’s Family Is In Tears After Their Rescue Dog Passes Away

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, who have been married since 1988, are passionate about adopting rescue dogs from shelters. One of their adopted dogs, a Pit Bull named Lily, has recently passed away after 13 years of being part of their family. Despite not having any Pit Bull breeds, Lily was deeply loved by her family and will be dearly missed. Both actors posted tributes to their beloved dog on Instagram, receiving many condolences from fans and fellow celebrities. ..–> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY…

7 Dog Once On The Euthanasia List Has Helped His Mom Foster 200 Rescue Pups

Kilo, a dog, was rescued from a kill shelter by Candice Miller, a volunteer, who was drawn to him. Kilo’s loving nature was discovered when he helped care for orphaned puppy Penny, warming her formula by letting her lie on his belly. Kilo has since become a foster dad, helping Miller foster an estimated 200 puppies. He has become passionate about rescuing and caring for puppies, and they play with him and test his patience. Kilo’s adventures as a foster dad can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. ..–> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY…

8 Puppy Dumped To Die In Cold Ditch On Lonely Road, Rescue Leads To A Dark Story

Tegan Griffith found a sweet puppy abandoned and left to die in a remote corner. She named him Larry and took him to work. Tegan found out that Larry was the fourth sibling of an abandoned litter and reunited him with his sisters at the shelter. Larry and his sisters are receiving necessary treatments, and many people hope to adopt the puppies. However, Larry has found a permanent place in Tegan’s home and heart.–> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY…

9 Homeless Labrador Becomes Superstar Search And Rescue Dog

Forrest, a once-homeless Labrador Retriever, is now a certified search and rescue dog thanks to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and Farmers Insurance. After months of training, he graduated and found a forever home with a first responder. Forrest will be deployed to emergency sites across the country to find and save those affected by disasters. The Search Dog Foundation recruits rescue dogs into their training programs, where they receive care for life, whether they become search dogs or not. Forrest is a big dog who is light on his feet and loves to use his nose to hunt, making him a perfect fit for his new job. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

10 Heartbroken Rescue Dog Adopts A Trio Of Homeless Kittens

Georgia, an Australian Shepherd mix, was found pregnant and in poor condition by Sunshine Dog Rescue in Phoenix. Sadly, her puppies didn’t survive, leaving her heartbroken and desperate for a family. Sunshine Dog Rescue posted on Facebook and found three orphaned kittens for Georgia to adopt. Love at first sight, Georgia allowed the kittens to nurse on her and became protective of them. Even though her milk production was low, the kittens grew under the support of both Georgia and the rescue’s bottle feeding. The successful experience has made Osa, the Executive Director of Sunshine Dog Rescue, a cat lover. The family of four is recovering at the rescue and already has forever homes lined up. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

11 Rescue Dog Refuses To Let Go Of His Dad’s Hand On The Ride To His New Home

Stanley, the dog, is known as the “Velcro Dog” due to his constant need to be near his human dad, Sam. Sam first met Stanley as a scared, skittish stray, and took him in as a foster. Stanley is persistent about touching and being near Sam at all times, including when he is sleeping or driving. Despite his age, Stanley’s need to be near Sam has not waned. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

12 Rescue Dog Hugs News Reporter Until He Adopts Her

A video of a dog hugging a news reporter who was covering a story at an animal shelter went viral on social media. The dog, who had probably given birth before arriving at the shelter, was desperate for someone to love her. The video shows her clinging onto the reporter’s leg and leaning her head against him. The reporter adopted the dog after their famous hug, proving that sometimes dogs choose us. The heartwarming video and story show the unbreakable bond between humans and their furry friends. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

13 “Wonky-Faced” Rescue Dog Becomes Gorgeous Social Media Star

Johanna Handley adopted Alan, a Saluki/Boxer mix, when he was 10 months old. He has a facial deformity that makes his nose twist sideways and his bottom teeth permanently exposed. Despite this, Handley thinks he’s beautiful just the way he is, but not everyone shares her opinion. To silence the haters, she created a TikTok account called “Alan the Ugly Dog” and posts videos of him to show his true beauty. Although many people love Alan, he still gets nasty comments about his appearance. Handley hopes that Alan’s fame will help to show that all dogs are beautiful, and rescue dogs are especially amazing. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

14 Formerly Neglected Rescue Dog Is Smitten With Her Human Baby Brother

English Pointer Nora was saved from neglect and adopted by Michael and Elizabeth Aporius, who saw something special in her. When Nora met her baby brother Archie, the two became inseparable. Nora had been frightened from her nightmarish past, but Archie’s calm demeanor helped her calm down. The two sleep next to each other, and Nora is always by Archie’s side. Nora is now 10 and has many friends, but she shares a special bond with Archie. The two have garnered thousands of fans on Instagram. Follow them @wellettas. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

15 Tim Tebow’s Dog Trio Is Providing Meals For Rescue Dogs

Former athlete Tim Tebow and his three dogs have teamed up with holistic pet food brand “I and love and you” for a campaign called “Thank You Fur Being a Friend.” The campaign is focused on celebrating the ways dogs have made life better, especially during the pandemic. For every Instagram post with the hashtag #TYFBF or a comment on a post by Tebow or his wife sharing a story about how their dog has made their life better, “I and love and you” will donate ten meals to Dalmatian Rescue of South Florida. The campaign is aimed at encouraging other dog owners to share their experiences and help dogs in need. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

16 Firefighters Rescue Husky Trapped On 15th Floor Of Burning Building

Virginia Beach firefighters rescued a Husky named Igor, who was trapped on the 15th floor of an apartment building during a recent fire. Firefighters carried the 100-pound unconscious dog down 15 flights of stairs to safety, and once outside, they gave him an oxygen mask. Igor suffered no burns but did have smoke inhalation, and he is expected to make a full recovery after treatment at Bay Beach Vet Hospital. Donations for pet supplies for Igor and other dogs can be made to Virginia Beach Animal Control. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

17 Firefighters Rescue Bulldog Trapped Under A Collapsed Home From Hurricane Dorian

A firefighting team from Gainesville, Florida went to the Bahamas to assist in Hurricane Dorian’s devastation. During their rescue efforts, they found a medium-sized Bulldog trapped under piles of rubble. The crew worked together to free the dog, and photos show the ecstatic team and elated dog. The pup was later handed over to the International Fund for Animal Welfare and is now in the process of adoption by one of the crew members. The lucky dog will soon find a new home in Gainesville, Florida. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

18 UPS driver braves icy cold waters to rescue a drowning dog

A UPS driver from Bozeman, Montana stopped his deliveries to save a dog drowning in icy waters. Ryan Arens was on the job when he heard a dog’s frantic cries and saw it trapped in the water with ice all around it. Ryan rescued the dog by using a boat to reach the ice, and then swimming to the animal. He received a Compassionate Action Award from PETA for his bravery. Ryan, an animal lover, owns a 15-year-old Malamute and was happy to reunite with Sadie, the dog he saved. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

19 Group Of Rescue Dogs Welcomes A Mini Cow To The Pack

Janice Wolf runs Rocky Ridge Refuge in North Arkansas, where she provides a home for around 50 to 60 special needs pets and livestock. Recently, Wolf rescued a young cow named Moonpie from a livestock auction, and as she was too young to stay outside with the other rescued cattle, she ended up in Wolf’s bedroom. Surrounded by the refuge’s 12 rescue dogs, Moonpie formed a special bond with a deaf Bull Terrier named Spackle, and the dogs have helped her learn to make her cowpats outside. Moonpie is growing stronger and spending more time outside, but still enjoys the company of her inter-species buddies. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

20 “Smiley” Rescue Dog Survives Getting Shot And Hit By A Car

Smiley, a rescue dog with a tough past, was found severely malnourished and with a swollen leg that had to be amputated after being shot or hit by a car. Despite the painful ordeal, Smiley remained positive and smiled at her rescuers, earning her the nickname. Although little is known about her past or previous owner, the Pender County Animal Shelter staff believe she deserves a comfortable home for the rest of her life. The shelter encourages people to report stray dogs in need and asks for donations to cover Smiley’s veterinary care expenses. –> GEVT THE COMPLETE STORY

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