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Blind Pit Bull Receives Eye Surgery, Becomes Playful Pup

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A Pit Bull named Hazel was taken in by a loving foster family after becoming blind. The family used sound signals to help Hazel get accustomed to her new surroundings, but she became overwhelmed and withdrawn. Hazel’s foster mom noticed that she was “mopey” and uninterested in playing.

Fortunately, Hazel’s demeanor changed after a few days of adjustment. Her tail started to wag, and she became the playful pup that was hidden inside her all along. The vet also determined that Hazel was a candidate for corrective eye surgery, which would restore her eyesight if successful.

Hazel was placed with a new foster family that could accommodate her post-surgery needs. The brave pup underwent the medical procedure, and although it would take time for her sight to return fully, Hazel did incredibly well. The beautiful pup’s journey is far from over, and her story is sure to inspire many. >>RELATED POST: Owner Abused And Tied Blind Pit Bull To Park Bench And Left Her There For Days

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