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Dog Spoons With Injured Foster Puppy And Knew He Wanted Her To Be His

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When foster mom Brianna first laid eyes on Opal she knew instantly that this puppy belonged with her. The poor little Pit Bull had to have her jaw wired shut and wear a muzzle full-time because of her injury– yet she was so full of love and happiness. She wagged her tail like crazy when she and Brianna met for the first time.

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Opal went home with Brianna but had to stay segregated for her safety. Brianna’s dog Duke objected immediately. He wanted to play with the Opal and would linger outside the gate. Both dogs would cry for one another incessantly. Day after day, the crying intensified. It broke Brianna’s heart.

Three days later, Brianna gave in but the dogs were closely monitored. They couldn’t play with one another but they could calmly hang out. The puppy snuggles began instantly and the cuteness was off the charts! Opal fell deeply in love with her foster brother! However, she would see Duke chewing on toys and treats and she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to do the things he could.

Opal was restricted for 5 months and then the veterinarian cleared her! It was time to take the wire out of her jaw and let Opal be a real dog! Brianna took the deserving pup to the pet store. Opal was finally able to pick toys up and chew on them. It was a major victory.

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The next stop in this amazing journey will make your whole body smile! Duke has something to ask of his mom and it’s the sweetest thing. We have all the feels, and you will too! Dogs are the best, don’t you think?

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