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Blind Dog Opens Eyes For First Time After Surgery, Owners Pray It’s A Success

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When Duffy the Irish Terrier was rescued from a shelter after an eternity, he was the happiest dog on earth. His new parents lavished him with all of their love and attention, and life appeared to be a bedtime story for Duffy. But when he was diagnosed with diabetes, his world came crashing down.

Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: watchJojo channel via YouTube Video

Duffy’s parents were beside themselves with grief as the situation of their cherished dog deteriorated day by day.

His eyesight rapidly deteriorated as a result of diabetes complications, leaving him in deep despair. Although there was a chance of restoring his sight via surgery, it was considered too dangerous owing to Duffy’s high blood sugar levels

Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: watchJojo channel via YouTube Video

As blindness kept sucking the soul out of Duffy, his parents reached out to Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania, as a last resort. The vet team assessed the dog’s health and prepared a long-term plan to stabilize his sugar levels before attempting the expensive surgery. After months of struggle, Duffy was finally ready for his eyes to be operated upon.

Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: watchJojo channel via YouTube Video

After being disoriented for a while, Duffy gradually regains his eyesight and immediately runs to his parents to celebrate. The happiness on his face is unmistakable as he hugs and kisses his humans with the biggest smile! Go, Duffy!

Click the video below to watch Duffy’s tear-jerking story and his precious post-surgery reaction.

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