Rescuer Adopts Dog Found Locked in Wooden Box Near Oklahoma River

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The story of a dog found locked in a wooden dog house near the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City will tug at your heartstrings. In December, Feleciana Ramirez discovered the dog in a wooden shelter that was sealed with a board and screws, indicating that the dog had been intentionally abandoned and left to die. Fortunately, Feleciana broke the shelter open and rescued the poor dog.

Ramirez took the dog to OKC Animal Welfare, and it ended up in the care of the Mutts Misfits Animal Rescue Society. They discovered scratch marks on the entrance of the shelter, indicating the dog had tried to escape. His body was covered in scars and wounds, and he was emaciated. Despite everything he had been through, the dog remained sweet and gentle.

The dog was placed in foster care with Kayla Wise, who named him Karus. Wise stated that Karus was very scared and exhausted, and his condition was the worst she had ever seen. However, his condition improved over time, and he regained weight. Over the last five weeks, Wise watched Karus’s personality emerge as he became more confident.

As Karus recovered from his ordeal, Wise began searching for a permanent home for the dog. Karus’s happy ending came when Feleciana Ramirez and her family adopted him. Ramirez was the woman who rescued Karus from the wooden box, making it a touching story of the rescuer adopting the rescuee.

After everything he had been through, Karus now has the loving home he deserves with the woman who saved his life. We’re thrilled that Karus has found his forever home, and we extend our thanks to Feleciana for rescuing him a second time.

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It’s heartbreaking to hear about animals being mistreated, but stories like this one give us hope. Despite the cruelty of some people, there are still many people willing to step up and give these animals the loving homes they deserve. We hope that Karus’s story inspires others to take action and help animals in need.

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