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Dog rescued from euthanasia gets adopted after 372 days in shelter

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After spending 372 days in a shelter, a dog named Major has finally found his forever home. Major and his brother Hilo were rescued from animal control in Quincy, Illinois, just in time to prevent them from being euthanized. They were taken in by the Naperville Area Humane Society, but unfortunately, both dogs struggled to find homes, and no one was interested in adopting them. Major is a playful, energetic dog that is treat-motivated but should not be in a home with young children, cats, or other dogs. The shelter even named a holiday, “Major’s Day,” to spotlight their long-term shelter dogs in need of homes.

The shelter staff had been hoping for a home for Major and his brother for a year. They had almost lost hope but held on, and their efforts paid off. The shelter recently announced that Major had been adopted by a semi-truck driver, and the staff lined up outside to bid him farewell. The video of the touching moment shows Major saying goodbye to each staff member before leaving the shelter with his new owner. The beginning of a new adventure awaits Major as he travels all over the country with his new owner.

The Naperville Area Humane Society is thrilled that Major found his forever home, and they hope he will have a wonderful life on the road. They wrote on their website, “We can’t wait to see where the road will be taking you, Major.” They also remind people that there are many more pets like Major waiting for their forever homes in animal shelters across the country. >>… RELATED POST: Dog Rescued After Being Used For Street Fights, Cries When Gets A Bed

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