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Family Dumped Their 19 Year Old Dog At A Shelter, Now She’s Living Out A Bucket List

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Dogs are known for being loyal companions and an important part of our families. They offer us unconditional love and should be cherished until the end of their lives. However, not all families understand this commitment, and some choose to abandon their furry friends when they become too old or ill. Sadly, this was the case for Annie, a 19-year-old dog who was surrendered to a shelter when she could no longer walk or eat.


Fortunately, Annie’s story did not end there. Lauren Siler saw her picture on Instagram and knew she had to help. After learning that Annie was taken in by a rescue but still needed a foster home, Lauren did not hesitate to offer hers. She checked with her roommate, Lisa, and immediately went to pick her up.

Given Annie’s age and health status, Lauren and Lisa knew that her remaining time on earth was limited. Thus, they decided to make her days special by creating a bucket list for her. So far, Annie has enjoyed hamburgers from In-N-Out and Whataburger, celebrated at a birthday party, and had a professional photoshoot done. She also celebrated Christmas in July and Valentine’s Day in August, and received cards and gifts from people all over the world who became her biggest fans on Instagram.


Despite the vet’s initial prognosis of one month left to live, Annie has been thriving in her new home. She is still enjoying life and will continue to do so while Lauren and Lisa shower her with love and fulfill her bucket list. They hope that Annie’s story will inspire others to rescue, adopt, or foster senior dogs who deserve a loving home and a chance to live out their remaining days in happiness.

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