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Man Held 1.8 lb Unconscious Chihuahua Puppy That Wasn’t A Chihuahua At All

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Dallas RRR Rescuers found an extremely weak and teeny tiny puppy clinging to life. He was named Stuart and classified as a Chihuahua due to his small size, but he was actually a Pit Bull. Stuart weighed only 1.8 pounds, and he needed blood transfusions immediately due to severe anemia from a tick and flea infestation.

Image Story/Credit Source: TheDodo – YouTube Video

Stuart’s first two days of rescue were terrifying, and rescuers feared he wouldn’t survive. However, they never gave up on him. Three days later, Stuart began showing signs of improvement and was awake for hours at a stretch. The next step was to find Stuart a foster home. Susan, a woman with a big heart, volunteered to take care of him.

Image Story/Credit Source: TheDodo – YouTube Video

When Stuart arrived at Susan’s home, he slept a lot at first, but a few days later, he began acting like a real puppy. Shane, Susan’s brother, was eager to meet the little fighter. He and Stuart hit it off immediately. Stuart climbed onto Shane’s lap, rested his head on his chest, and they both fell asleep. It was as if they were meant to be together. >>… RELATED POST: Man Held Baby Critter, Paraded Her Up And Down Beach So Her Cries Were Heard

Image Story/Credit Source: TheDodo – YouTube Video

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