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Woman with Terminal Brain Cancer Wishes for Beloved Dog to Find a Loving Home

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Valerie Alexander, a woman suffering from terminal brain cancer, wishes to see her dog Rosie in a new loving home before she passes away. Rosie, who has been with Valerie for five years, is considered part of the family and Valerie wants to secure a bright future for her faithful sidekick. While Valerie’s time is short, she hopes to meet the person or persons who will take care of Rosie when she is gone. Charles Bowles, Rosie’s dog walker, has stepped in to help with the search, describing Rosie’s perfect human as someone energetic, with tennis balls, and no other pets in their home.

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It’s important to make arrangements for your pets should you become unable to care for them. Some have friends or family who will take in their pets, while others work with estate planning lawyers. You cannot leave money or property directly to your pets, but you can use your will or living trust to designate an inheritor and provide the resources they need to care for your animals. There are also rescue services and for-profit companies that can help you plan a secure future for your furry friends, such as those that offer in-home aid to hospice patients so their pets can remain at home as long as possible.

If you’re interested in adopting Rosie, please contact Charles Bowles by email at [email protected]. Let’s hope this special girl finds the perfect new home in time to fulfill Valerie’s wish, so she can rest in peace knowing that her beloved pet is safe, happy, and provided for. >>… RELATED POST: Woman Kissed Him And Said ‘You’re Far From Alone’ As Unwanted Pit Fought To Survive

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