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Mother Dog Melts Hearts Of Rescuers When Found Cradling Puppy On Street

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A Facebook post Rescuers Roman and Jen McConn saw two dogs that had been dumped, so they went right to the scene to help. The couple’s main hope wasn’t to find the dogs as they were being saved, but when they got there, they saw a baby dog and its mother cuddling to feel safe.

The founder of Project Freedom Ride didn’t know what the dogs would do if they were approached, but they were so nice that it seemed like they knew they were safe. The people who had saved the dog then called animal control for help, which they were happy to do.

A dog lover in the area named Becky McArdle also set up a trip to the vet. After the dogs were checked out, they found that they didn’t have any major injuries or illnesses. Instead, they just had small problems from being on their own for so long.

The dogs, whose names were Mina and Milo, were fostered, which was a good thing. They were fed and given a bath. Then, for the first time in their lives, they slept in a warm bed.

Once they are fully healed in March, they will be ready to be adopted. What a nice way to end it!

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